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Support clean energy & the environment
with Renewable Energy Certificates. (RECs)
Offset your electric usage
with green power.
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Chances are you take your home’s electricity for granted. Did you know that nearly 67% of all electricity generated in the U.S. comes from fossil fuels or “Dirty Power” plants? And only 4% comes from wind and solar renewable sources. While generating your own "green power" is possible. It’s expensive and not practical. You can however offset your home’s electrical use with Renewable Energy Certificates from NuPath Energy! It is the easiest and most affordable option. Just click “Buy Now” and you are on your way to a greener and cleaner world for as little as $5.50 per month. Can spending $5.50 a month really make a difference? Absolutely! Your purchase has the equivalent environmental benefits of planting 96 trees or taking an average vehicle off the road for nearly 9,000 miles! Going green has never been easier. Simply select your plan and purchase your credits today.


We only offer certified renewable energy products.


What you’ll receive:

An official NuPath display certificate.

Recognizes and certifies your purchase.


A fun collection of NuPath Stickers and other membership materials.

Show the world you care and encourage others to follow you on the NuPath to a greener world.


There has never been an easier, more affordable way for you to support the development of green, renewable energy. Get on the NuPath today!