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Your trusted source for Renewable Energy Certificates ("RECs").

What percentage of electricity is generated from fossil fuel or "Dirty Power" plants?


According to the U.S. EIA (2013 Data), over 67% of electricity is generated from "Dirty Power" plants. Only about 4% is generated from wind and solar sources. "Dirty Power" is the single largest producer of harmful carbon dioxide emissions in our nation.



Can buying NuPath Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) really make a difference?


Absolutely, more power produced from renewable energy sources means less "Dirty Power" and cleaner air. Offsetting the electric usage of the average home with NuPath RECs has the equivalent environmental benefits of planting 191 trees or not driving over 17,734 miles. For more information see our Envrionmental Equivalency Benefits page.



What is a REC?


A REC is created when a renewable energy facility produces 1 megawatt hour of power and supplies it to the electricity power grid. For every megawatt hour of power produced from a renewable generator an equivalent amount of RECs are created. RECs are tracked through contractual arrangements and REC tracking systems. A REC represents the rights to the attributes or environmental benefits associated with a renewable generator. RECs help offset the production of electricity from conventional fossil fuel power (“Dirty Power”) plants in the region where the renewable energy generator is located. For more information see our What Are RECs page.



Are NuPath RECs Certified?


Yes. Our environmental claims are independently verified by through an annual compliance audit.



What types of renewable energy are used in NuPath RECs?


NuPath RECs come from wind, solar, small hydro and other renewable energy producers from both regional and national sources. See our current Product Content Labels (NuSource 1 / NuSource NY) for more information.



What is the NuPathU Fund?


NuPath will donate 1% of every sale to NuPathU, a fund to support education and awareness initiatives like teacher sponsored field trips and scholarships to help students pursue a career in the renewable energy field. We strongly believe that supporting education and making more people aware of the benefits of renewable energy is the foundation for creating long term positive change in our nation’s energy policy.



Does buying RECs affect my utility bill?


No. If you receive a utility bill today that will continue as normal. NuPath RECs are a separate purchase from your utility service. We bill for our charges separately from your utility bill.



Do you need my Utility account number to buy RECs?


No. We will never ask for your utility account number. Buying RECs is a separate purchase not connected in any way to your utility bill.